Elena Kutukova

Deputy Governor of the Arkhangelsk Region, PhD in Economics, Associate Professor.
Elena Sergeevna Kutukova was born in 1972. She graduated from the State University of Management with a degree in Economic Analysis and PhD in Economics as an Associate Professor. Since 2008 she has been a Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of the Alexander Oshevensky Monastery (Kargopolsky District of the Arkhangelsk Region), organized the exhibition “Vanishing Masterpieces of Kargopol”, initiated creation of the Oshevenskaya Volost Museum Complex.

From 2014 till September 2018 she was an Active Director of the Research Institute of System Analysis of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation. In September 2018 she was appointed to the position of Deputy Governor of the Arkhangelsk Region — Head of the Representative Office of the Arkhangelsk Region under the Government of the Russian Federation.