Elena Posvyatovskaya

Writer, contributor, Snob Magazine.
Prose writer. Her profession is civil engineering and construction of nuclear power plants. She is the author of the Snob magazine and the collections Living in Saint Petersburg and The Bird Market.
"The storybook The Fox Lived in a Hut is doomed to succeed by a reader who is delicate, sensitive to connotations, looking for small, precious details in texts. No one here will wrap you in the sweet blankets of the so-called kindness. No one will lay out the predictable solitaire scheme: here is our good queen of diamonds, and here is how badly the evil queens of spades or jacks of clubs treated her, oh my. Quite the contrary. In this book, her first one, Yelena Posvyatovskaya approaches the reader with a prose of the highest grade right out of the gate; it is silk without synthetic additives. This is real" (Tatyana Tolstaya).
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