Elisabetta Bisaro

Head of International Development, La Briqueterie - Centre de Developpement Choregraphique National du Val-de-Marne.
Elisabetta has worked in a programming and managerial capacity in the field of dance and the performing arts across three countries. After her initial steps in Italy, she rooted herself in Ireland as Programme Manager of Dance Ireland in Dublin for six years, where she was responsible for curating and managing the organisation’s artistic professional programming and all international projects.

Since September 2013, she oversees the international development of La Briqueterie - Centre de Developpement Choregraphique National du Val-de-Marne in Vitry-sur-Seine (France), managing several EU-funded projects (Creative Europe and Erasmus +) and other international cooperation projects.

Elisabetta is the project leader of “Dancing Museums - Old Masters, New Traces” (2015– 2017) and “Dancing Museums - The Democracy of Beings” (2018– 2021). Co-funded by the EU Creative Europe programme, both projects - involving dance organisations, museums, universities and research centres - looked at how the presence of dance can offer new ways of experiencing art and heritage.