Igor Troilin

Theatre producer, curator, chief officer, Alexandrinsky Theatre's representation office in Moscow.
Igor Troilin's creative biography includes organization and bringing into life large-scale Russian and international projects — tours, festivals, premieres. From 1994 to 2001 — Director of the Petr Fomenko Workshop Theatre, from 2002 to 2013 — Deputy Director of Meyerhold Center. From 2014 — First Deputy Director of the New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theatre.

Currently, I. Troilin heads the Alexandrinsky Theatre's representation office in Moscow as well as supervises the activities of the National Association of Theatres.

The projects curated and produced by him include:

  • Putting on "The Open-Air Stage" performance (directed by Popovski) with L'Odéon — Théâtre de l'Europe, Paris
  • Tour of the Petr Fomenko Workshop Theatre in Venice as a part of the Venice Biennale; on the stage of Piccolo Teatro di Milano; in Paris, Skopje (Macedonia), at the Belgrade International Theatre Festival (Bitef), Festival d'Avignon, etc.
  • Organization of a program at the Theatre Olympics in Delphi
  • Organization of professional traineeship for directors and managers in theatres of Paris (France) and London (UK)
  • Production of TV versions of V. V. Fokin's performances "A Hotel Room in the Town of N.", "The Overcoat", etc.
  • Organization and presentation of the Year of the Russian Language in France program, Paris
  • Creation of the concept and bringing into life the pilot project of the European Theatre School (Russia, France, Armenia, Lithuania), putting up and show of performances
  • Targeted traineeship of Russian young theatre professionals in Edinburgh (UK)
  • Theatre Olympics 2019 in St. Petersburg.