Igor Ustinov

Sculptor, co-founder of the Peter Ustinov Foundation (Peter Ustinov Stiftung), representative of the Benois family clan.
Igor Ustinov was born in 1956 in London, the son of two artists, his father Sir Peter Ustinov (grandson of Leon Benois) and his mother the Canadian actress Suzanne Cloutier, Igor Ustinov joined the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris in the 1970s.

Multidisciplinary and curious about life, he also graduated in biology and studied singing at the Conservatoire de Paris.

Igor Ustinov is co-founder of the Ustinov Institute Vienna, and the Ustinov foundation in Frankfurt, he is the standing CEO since 2004 also in 2015 he founded the Ustinov prejudice awareness internet forum, and more ventures.

Despite his diversity of interests, his nature and passion remains in his art work. His inspiration comes from the observation of life and nature that he confronts with matter and translates into bronze. The play of proportions, voids and solids, massive and frail, gives importance to the gesture. "Bronze is as nervous as life, it is resistant as time passes, it is indifferent like death; it is for these qualities that it allows communion between the human soul and the physical world", Igor tells us. The artist seeks to understand space because "man is more defined by his movement and by his position, than by his face". Transcending matter is the challenge the sculptor launches for his intellect, a constant search to infiltrate the reality of the world to better understand and reveal its substance by submitting his own dreams, he explains.

Since the beginning of his career, he has received numerous public and private commissions, including: the Grand Prix de la Création prize of the city of Paris (1988), the Academician sword of Professor Maurice Tubiana (1989), sword of Academician of the Fine Arts of Peter Ustinov (Paris 1989), Trophy Grand Prix of the creation of the city of Paris (1990), Subsistance (1991), monumental sculpture for the Society of the French Stock Exchange, Enlighten what you love without touching his shadow (1993) for the garden of Vandoeuvre in Geneva, Witness of Peace (Unesco, Paris, 1999), Silhouette, monumental sculpture, (Paris, 2001) Benois of the Dance-Bolchoi (Moscow, 2002).

He was awarded the Grand Prix European sculpture, Prix Géricault, in 1989.

Igor Ustinov's works have been exhibited throughout Europe, in Russia, in North America, and they are regularly exhibited, public works are visible in Geneva in the Parisian region, in Bath in England, in Sofia in Bulgaria, in Lucerne and Versoix in Switzerland, in Normandy, in Meursault in Burgundy.
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