Ilya Zibarev

Trustee and co-founder of the Foundation for Rebirth of Spiritual and Cultural Heritage of Russia.
Ilya Zibarev was born in 1974 in Leningrad. Graduated from St. Petersburg State University.

Mr. Zibarev is a social investor, member of the Khabensky Foundation's Board of Trustees where he oversees relationships with large business and manages the "routine charity" activities in full accordance with the cutting-edge business charity model. His other area of public activity includes heritage projects, such as "Common Cause," Association of Historic Manor Owners.)

Over the past 15 years he has worked with shareholders and boards of directors of large private conglomerates, including Alpha Group, PPF Group, TMK and Russky Standart. Participated in formulating development strategies in cooperation with major consulting companies (Boston Consulting Group, PwC), represented shareholder interests in a large regional bank (PJSC SKB Bank), served on the expert council of Dom.RF (earlier, AIZHK), and worked together with large investors and international institutions (J. P. Morgan, IFC, EBRD).