Irina Lovtsova

Head of the Department of Humanitarian Technology Development and Preservation of Cultural Heritage; Federal State Educational Institution of Culture “All-Russian Centre for Development of Artistic Creation and Humanitarian Technologies”.
Head of the Department of Developing Humanitarian Technologies and Preservation of Cultural Heritage of Federal State Establishment of Culture "All-Russian Center for Development of Artistic Creativity and Humanitarian Technologies" (Moscow); artist, cultural studies expert, co-author of textbooks ("Drawing", "Painting").

Irina Vladimirovna Lovtsova is instructor, lecturer, research director of various projects in culture and arts, organizer of new technology development and introduction programs, specialist in summarizing cutting-edge educational and creative experience, holder of grants for implementing social partnership projects and project in preserving folk creativity. Was employed as the Principal of the Children's School of Arts and Crafts.

Currently she serves as expert in the sphere of art education, organizer of innovative activities in humanitarian technologies, scientific and methodological support of events aimed at preservation and popularization of cultural heritage (folk creativity and spiritual culture) of different peoples of the Russian Federation.

Irina Vladimirovna Lovtsova — specialist for support of social heritage of cultures, development of diverse and unique national cultures of Russia in cooperation with national culture centers and establishments of complementary education of children. Participant of many international and All-Russian conferences, roundtable discussions and forums, author of a number of articles and research publications on the topic of developing education programs in art and preservation of folk culture.

Awarded commendation letters of ministers of culture of various Russian regions and a Commendation of the Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation.
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"St. Petersburg" Lyceum of Arts
Doblesti st., 34, St. Petersburg