Irina Sedykh

Chairman of the Board of Trustees Of the charity Fund "OMK-compassion"; ideological leader and organizer of the festival of contemporary art "Art-Ravine" ("Art-Ravine") in the city of Vyksa.
The "Art-Ovrag" which was meant to be a youth festival, has for nine years become a large cultural project that has changed and is still changing the life of the whole town.
The festival is aimed at the integrated development of Vyksa, forming an attractive urban environment, soft infrastructure and friendly atmosphere for the contemporary art trends in the town. The project that is being implemented in the spirit of involvement, co-creation and cooperation with Vyksa residents has transformed the urban space: public art, street art, open-air electro acoustic concerts, modern architecture of yards and playgrounds, an art-residency enlarging a contemporary art collection of the local museum, anti-café and co-workings have turned Vyksa into "the Russia's largest collection of successful creative industry strategies", according to the reviewer of "Kommersant Weekend". The "Art-Ovrag" festival has received a lot of awards: "The Project of the Year" according to the "Innovation" award ("Open-Hearth Passion" performance 2019), National Event Tourism Award Russian Event Awards 2017 and status "Event 2018", the winner of the prize "Art in Public Space" named after Sergey Kurekhin (2014), prize "MOST Awards: for Personal Contribution" (2013). Irina Sedykh was born in Moscow, graduated from Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys (an economist) and Moscow State Linguistic University (a linguist), married, has two sons. The Fund "OMK-Compassion" was founded at the initiative of the management and employees of the United Metallurgical Company (UMC), provides targeted support to people in need or to families and children facing hardships, implements educational and cultural programs, develops and introduces the inclusive environment projects in the cities where the UMC enterprises are located. Since 2008, the "OMK-Compassion" Charity Fund has made charitable donations and has implemented social projects for the amount of RUB 600 billion.