Isabella Maybrit Sosman

Director of circus "Trapeze".

Isabella Sosman was born into an artist family in Copenhagen in 1960.

«I traveled with my family and their bicycle act The Haddie’s all over the world.

I always wanted to perform, but my parents didn’t want me to, because they said, that in many countries’ children were not allowed to perform.

But then, when I was 7y, my sister fell down from the bicycle and broke her arm, then I was finally allowed to perform, it was in Athens Dec. 1968.

After that, I was hooked to perform, I loved it so much, and was very sad, that I was not allowed to continue when my sister got well again.

Therefor I decided to do an act myself, and it was trapeze. After a few years I had my finished trapeze act, and I then when I was grown up, travelled by myself over the world, in many different circuses and varieties.

In 1977 (me and my family) opened our own circus in Denmark Cirkus Dannebrog. But still many seasons I performed in other circuses with my trapeze act.

Though I was not always at home by my family, I engaged the artist for Cirkus Dannbrog and choreographed the shows, and me myself when I was home, did many different acts in the ring. Trapeze, bicycle, silks, rope, crossbow shooting, working with animals. There were many different kind of numbers.

Cirkus Dannebrog closed down in 2016 and the same year me and my husband opened our own circus also in Denmark, called Circus Trapeze in Danish Cirkus Trapez ( Ofcourse because I hang so many years in the trapeze and loved it, we call it Cirkus Trapeze) and hopefully we will do that for many years».

13:30 — 16:30
Round Table Discussion