Lada Yurchenko

CEO's councelor, Investing Development Agency, Novosibirsk.
Specialist in socio-cultural design. Author of manuals on the organization of educational, cultural and social processes for the development of territories. The developer of the technology of the dispersed park with the engagement of the public space of urban laboratories, the Festival of Urban Outskirts. Supervises projects for the development of tourism clusters and creative industries in the area of Media and Aesthetics of Everyday Life.

Advisor to the General Director of the Agency for Investment Development of the Novosibirsk Region, specialist in socio-cultural design, social marketing, marketing of territories. Author of several methodological publications on the organization of educational, cultural and social processes with the involvement of citizens. Expert in assessing projects of socio-cultural development of territories. Developer of strategies and programs in the field of social development, tourism, creative industries. He is a permanent consultant for the support program for Neighborhood Centers and Local Development Funds in the region. Trainer, consultant, teacher.

Graduated from Novosibirsk State University. Has additional education in the field of marketing and socio-cultural design, investment development, including educational programs in the USA and Canada. The developer of the technology for organizing public space in the model of a dispersed (distributed) park with the engagement of urban laboratories, the UltimaTulle Urban Outskirts Festival, public councils for investment development of the territory.

In the field of creative economy, co-developer and moderator of consulting sessions and projects with the participation of C. Landry, J. Hawking, H. Belloso. Currently, she oversees projects for the development of tourism clusters in the Novosibirsk region and the development of creative industries in the region in the Media (cinema, animation, publishing, games, digital solutions for the industry) and Aesthetics of Everyday Life (functional design and architecture of public spaces, digital solutions for the industry).

Developer of subject-oriented functional model for organizing the actual process of career guidance and the development of in-demand competencies (IRSTReK). Practical experience in education, project management, administrative work, alignment of public interests, marketing, journalism, filmmaking, organizing cultural events, birth and parenting.

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