Lana Samarina

Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Russian News Agency TASS.
Lana Samarina is Deputy Editor-in-Chief at the Russian News Agency TASS, has a PhD in Economics. She has been working in journalism for 20 years; she started as an Editor at the Sochi State Radio and Television Company. She worked at the RBC News agency, then at RIA Novosti. After that, she has been heading the Press Service of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation for 2 years. In 2015, Lana came to TASS to join the Economic Editorial Office. During the years of work, she managed to significantly expand the Editorial Board, attract well-known journalists and specialists highly qualified in their fields, and train a new generation of journalists who joined TASS immediately after graduation from universities.

This year, Lana Samarina became Deputy Editor-in-Chief of TASS, and within her new post, she oversees the socio-economic unit of operational information. Her first project as Deputy Editor-in-Chief was the creation of “The Future of Russia. National projects” — a new edition of the portal The portal was implemented on April 6, 2019. Now there are more than 30 employees in the Editorial Office: heads of directions, observers, editors, photo editors. According to Lana, the main goal of the portal is “to make information on the national projects implementation available to the maximum amount of media and the widest possible audience: the editorial staff writes explanatory texts on various aspects of the national projects implementation process, interviews key participants in national projects, talks with teachers, doctors, and cultural workers, entrepreneurs - people for which these projects were established”.
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