Margarita Khrushcheva

Musicologist, Ethnomusicologist, PhD in the History of Art; Professor of the Department of Theory and History of Music of the Astrakhan State Conservatory.
Laureate of the Kapp Music Award in the nomination for musicology (2006), a member of the Union of composers of Russia (1988), Executive Secretary of the Regional Public Organization "Union of composers of Russia".
The main areas of her scientific interests are academic music mainly in the field of polyphony, musical folklore and creativity of composers of the Volga-Ural region and the North Caucasus. Author of 167 scientific publications in leading Russian and foreign publications, as well as in the expanded electronic version of the Great Russian Encyclopedia ("Astrakhan, Astrakhan region – Musical culture and folklore", 2017). Author of monographs "Udmurt Ritual Song" (2001) and "Song and Ritual Tradition of Udmurt People in the Context of Ethnic Culture" (2008). Participant of more than one hundred scientific conferences in Russia and Europe, organizer and co-organizer of music festivals of contemporary music of the Union of composers of Russia in Astrakhan.