Maria Lucia Martorelli

Vice Director ICE — Agency in Moscow.
Maria Lucia promotes “Made in Italy” internationally.

Works at ICE  — Agency that specializes in promotion and internationalization of Italian companies abroad from 1992. She started her career at the headquarters in Rome and then moved to Moscow in 2015, where she promotes “Made in Italy” internationally.

ICE  — Agency for promotion and internationalization of Italian companies  — is an organization that helps the Italian government consolidate economic and business activity of Italian companies at foreign markets. Additionally, ICE Agency is put in charge of attracting foreign investments in Italy.

ICE organizes consulting, promotional, educational, and information events for small and medium-sized businesses. Using state-of-the-art multi-channel advertising and communication instruments, the Agency increases the awareness of the advantages of Italian products in the world.

09:40 — 11:40