Marina Lepeshkina

General Director, RTDA.
Graduated from the State University of Management with the diploma of Master of Economics (diploma with honors) (management). In 2004–2012 worked in various developer companies in management positions. In 2012, she became the first deputy director of State Unitary Enterprise Moscow General Planning Research and Project Institute. Since 2016 she has served as the General Director of RTDA (Reseach. Territory Development. Architecture).

Has an Executive Diploma issued to graduates of the program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), an MBA Diploma of the University of California at East Bay, a Master of Business Administration Diploma (MBA) in Finances.

The projects developed by the RTDA team headed by Marina Lepeshkina have won numerous prestigious prizes in the sphere of architecture and urban planning, such as WAF, A Design Award, NDA, UDAD, and the All-Russian Competition "Small Towns and Historic Settlements".