Michael Franz Jacob

Professor (chair) of Comparative Literature at Grenoble University.
He teaches at the same time theory and history of landscape at HEPIA, Geneva, Politecnico di Milano and the Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio as well as aesthetics at HEAD, Geneva.

Michael is a curator of international exhibitions and the author and producer of documentary films. He is the author of more than 200 scientific articles. Among his most recent publications: The swiss touch in landscape architecture, Tarara', Verbania, Italy, 2013; Chinese edition: the swiss touch in landscape architecture, Ifengspace, Tianjing, China 2015; Poétique du banc, Macula, Paris, France 2014; Italian edition: Sulla Panchina, Einaudi, Torino, Italy, 2014 Spanish edition: Abada, Madrid 2016; American edition: Oro, San Francisco 2017; Cette ville qui nous regarde, b2, Paris 2015; Autour du Léman, MetisPresses, Geneva 2017; Des jardins & des livres, Fondation Bodmer, Metis Presses, Geneva 2018; L'architettura del paesaggio, Silvana/USI, Cinisello 2019; L'arrière-pays, b2, Paris 2019; Dall'alto della città, Lettera 22, Siracusa 2017; La capanna di Unabomber, Lettera 22, Siracusa 2020; Jardins en images, Metis Presses, Geneva 2020; La fabrique de Dante, Metis Presses, Geneva 2021; La fausse montagne, Metis Presses, Geneva 2021; in English: Oro, San Francisco 2021.