Olga Kovalenko

Chief Specialist-Architect, Novgorod Scientific and Restoration Department.
Conservation Architect of the 1st Category, a member of the Union of Renovators of Russia, a member of ICOMOS. An expert in state historical and cultural study certified by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. In 1985, she started working in the Novgorod Architecture and Renovation Workshop.

She participated in researches, as well on working out scientific and design documentation to restore over 40 architectural landmarks in Novgorod and the Novgorod Region.

In 2004–2008, she worked as a Leading Architect in the Conservation Service of the St. Sophia Cathedral (XI century) in Veliky Novgorod to manage all the works related to architecture of the cathedral. She took part in academic researches of the most ancient landmarks of Armenia and Constantinople (Istanbul).

A member of the Association of Experts for State Historical and Cultural Study, the Novgorod Antiquarian Society, the Public Council for Conservation, Restoration and Use of Cultural Heritage Sites of the Novgorod State Museum Preserve, a Scientific Methodological Council for Cultural Heritage under the Inspectorate of State Protection of Cultural Heritage of the Novgorod Region.

A participant of scientific conferences, author of multiple works.

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