Olga Taracheva

Public Relations Expert in the Department of Innovative and Analytical Activities, Library for Youth of Komi Republic.
Total years of service in the library — 27. In 1996, she graduated from the Pitirim Sorokin Syktyvkar State University With a degree in Russian Language and Literature. Qualification: Scholar of Language. Expert of Library Sciences. Bibliographer.

In 2006, she underwent occupational retraining in the Syktyvkar State University under the Management program (Strategic Management, a regional program for leadership training).

In 2019, she finished studying remotely in the St. Petersburg State Institute of Culture.

The Center of Continuing Education and Advanced Training for Leadership in field of Culture under the advanced training program "Game Library Techniques for Reading Promotion" in the framework of the Creative People federal project.

In 2020 she took part in educational events under the advanced training program "A New Generation Library: Introducing Changes" and development of methodological support for the Russian State Library.

She spoke on the online conference "Libraries as Centers of Integral Territorial Development: Efficient Cases for Practical Application". In October 2020, she took part in the 17th All-Russian School of Business Innovation Studies that was held online. The School was organized by the Belgorod State Universal Scientific Library. The topic of the speech was "Creative Searches as a Prerequisite of Moving Forward: Implemented Projects of the Library for Youth of Komi Republic".

In 2019 and 2021, she took part in activities of the Russian Library Association.

She actively implements projects and programs: she works out new innovative ideas, creative programs, and grant projects for the library and take part in them. Over the short period of time, she has implemented 5 grants that have allowed buying new equipment for the library and expanding its opportunities in terms of providing new form of services. Together with employees of the department she took active part in international contests and projects, She also won the poster presentation competition of International Federation of Library Associations 2020.

In 2019–2020, she created and won some grants, including the workroom under the Gvozdilnya-LAB ("Nailery LAB") Library. The project has been implemented with the support of the Presidential Grants Foundation and Regional Public Organization Novoye Delo. Last year 6 videos were made about the workroom and shown on TV channels of the republic.

The project called "The Youth Is for the Global Culture and Against Terrorism. An Awareness Building Campaign" also received publicity. The main idea of the project is to increase legal awareness of the youth, to popularize the national counterterrorism policies among young people. The project was implemented with the support of the grant contest arranged by the Head of the Republic of Komi for Youth Initiatives in field of Culture and Arts in 2019.

In 2020, Head of the Republic of Komi's grant projects were implemented: Yunoshka's Podcast: Read, Listen, and Comment; Your A+ Safety: Legal Information for the Youth in a Mobile Format; and a grant of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Komi — the Tournament on Speed Spils Card Assembling in the framework of the Federal Program "I Know Russia". The goal of the project is patriotic upbringing and increasing a level of youth's education in geography, culture, and Russian history; the grant of the Russian Cultural Foundation — Lovja Serpasjas (Live Pictures) art project.

She actively provides advisory and methodological assistance in her area of work to Syktyvkar and republican libraries in order to increase efficiency of library services for the youth. Over the last three years she has visited municipal libraries 14 times to share best practices of library work with her colleagues from all across the republic speaking on such topics as Modern Ideas of Reading Promotion; Emotional Regional Studies for a New Generation, and Libraries for Young People, and others.

Married, three children. She likes reading, canoeing, and doing puzzles.

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