Paul Robinson

Executive Vice President, Toonz Media Group.
United Kingdom
Paul Robinson is an international media Exec with extensive radio, television and digital experience, having successfully held senior Exec positions at the BBC, The Walt Disney Company, and NBC Universal, with many years of strategic and operational expertise. Paul heads is now EVP at Toonz Media Group having expanded as Imira Entertainment as CEO since January 2018 with an important focus on expanding Imira’s growing global distribution business and creating more co-pro opportunities for the Spanish-based kids and family entertainment company. Paul is also responsible for Toonz branded business and strategic partnerships and initiatives worldwide across all it’s partner and owned companies

Paul founded KidsCo in 2005 as a joint venture with NBCUniversal/Comcast and, as CEO, built it into a global children’s linear and VOD network in 98 countries and in 18 languages worldwide before a 51% controlling sale to NBCUniversal in early 2012.

Prior to KidsCo, Paul was Managing Director/Senior Vice President of Walt Disney Television International where he created new global channel brands Playhouse Disney (now Disney Junior) and Toon Disney and was responsible for global Disney kid’s strategy for TV content production and broadcast. During his 7 years at Disney he was based in London and then Burbank, Los Angeles.

Paul was formerly a senior manager at the BBC as Head of Radio 1 responsible for all programming and music and Head of Strategy, BBC.

He has a BSc Hons and MBA from Cambridge, Manchester and Bradford Universities and has won multiple awards include Baftas and Sonys and is a regular contributor to conferences, podcasts and TV and radio. He is Chair of the Board of East London Radio.

Paul is also a Director of Consultancy Services at Creative Media Partners, a full-service agency advising on technology, distribution, content aggregation, channels and digital services is a supervisor of children's TV channels in North and Latin America and Kid TV in Russia. He is engaged in the development, joint production and promotion of children's content in many countries of the world.
10:00 — 11:30