Pauline van Dongen

Fashion designer and researcher, Studio Pauline van Dongen.
Pauline van Dongen (Amsterdam, 1986) is a fashion designer specialised in wearable technology. Through her design studio (founded in 2010) she focuses on developing alternatives for fashion by exploring how technology (i.e. electronics and digital materials) can add new value and meaning to clothing and can enhance the way we experience the world around us.
Her studio received international recognition with projects such as the Solar Shirt, Phototrope and Issho. Pauline also received several nominations for her work: she was selected by Forbes for their list of "Top 50 Women in Tech Europe" (2018) and as "MIT Innovator under 35 Europe" (2017). With her vision and through a "material aesthetics approach", Pauline emphasizes the value of the physical, sensory experience of clothing. In 2019 Pauline received her doctoral degree from Eindhoven University of Technology with her PhD dissertation entitled: “A Designer’s Material-Aesthetics Reflections on Fashion and Technology”. For her research she combined design research with the philosophy of postphenomenology to reframe the understanding of technology. The aim of her research is to better inform the practice of designing wearable technologies and their role in the daily context of fashion. Photo by Ralph Roelse.
12:30 — 14:30
Panel Discussion


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