Remi Strand

MP, Finnmark Provincial Board.
A university-educated lawyer with particular interest to international public law. He has experience of work in a legal field as a judge, as well as experience of public service. He was the first director of the Norwegian agency dealing with compensations for damages caused by crimes and worked to develop rights and assistance systems for crime victims. Today Remi Strand is a self-employed practicing lawyer in Vardø (Norway). Remi Strand has experience of work as an elected politician of Finnmark County. For eight years he was elected a member of the Regional Parliament in Finnmark and of the Municipal Parliament in Vardø. Last four years he was a faction leader of the Social-Democratic Party in the Regional Parliament of Finnmark. As a regional politician, he paid special attention to international relations and a need for regional initiatives aimed at development of the national policy and international legal frameworks between states. He was a leader of Nordkalottrådet and was an active regional leader of the Finnmark campaign in the Barents Euro-Arctic Region. He is greatly engaged in designing projects on transboundary activities of Russia and Norway in the North.