Romana Kunz

Founder, IAZZU.
Romana founded iazzu, a Swiss-based digital company specializing in promoting art through an augmented reality app. She works with art institutions, galleries, individual artists, and private collectors.

In November 2020, the company launched a brand-new app concept to increase the support for artists and exhibitors during the Covid-19 pandemic. Romana is a member of the Art Tech Foundation in Switzerland and AWITA in London (Association of Women in the Arts).

Romana gained expertise delivering across multiple industries and sectors, including management positions at IBM Ireland, Red Bull Media House, and the daily Newspaper STANDARD in Austria. She moved to Africa, where she produced image-building reports for TIME Magazine, Bloomberg, and China Daily, directly working with the highest Government Officials while living in Ghana, Mozambique, and Zambia. From there, she relocated with the job to Budapest.

Since 2017, Romana has specialized as a digital consultant to art institutions, art collectors, and individual artists. The same year, she created and opened an artist residency in Barcelona, where she curated the international line-up, including street artists, creating mural projects.