Sati Spivakova

Actress, St. Petersburg Theater "Music Hall".
Sati Spivakova is an actress and TV presenter.

She was born in Yerevan in a family of musicians. She graduated from Tchaikovsky Yerevan Specialized Music School (piano department). In 1984 she graduated cum laude from GITIS (Russian Institute of Theatre Arts) and in 1992 – from Paris-Sorbonne University. While studying at the university, Sati played the leading role in the film-opera "Anoush"; moreover, she starred in such films as "Lyrical March" and "Alien Games".

In the 2000s Sati Spivakova became an author of various TV programs including "SATI" on Channel 1 Russia, "KAMERTON", and "SATI. NESKUCHNAYA KLASSIKA" on Russia-K TV (TEFI Award) and successful TV presenter of such programs as "Bolshaya Opera" (2016–2017) and "Nano-Opera" (2017). Among her best performances are the leading roles in the plays "Tenderness" (staged by Roman Viktyuk), "Fetishist" (staged by Vasily Barkhatov), "Machine Müller" (staged by Kirill Serebrennikov), "High Water Venetians " (staged by Denis Azarov), musical and literary fantasies "Peer Gynt. Music of Norwegian Fjords" and "Secret Tales of the Urals". Furthermore, such list of plays includes "Metaphysics of love", the premiere of 2019 (scriptwriter is Sergei Solovyov) ("Theatre of Nations", staged by Alexei Frandetti), the play about the difficult relationship between Russian writer Ivan Turgenev and French prima donna Pauline Viardot. Among the last decade films – the roles in the films of Renata Litvinova - "Rita’s Last Fairy Tale", "The Girl with the Box", and "The Letter of Salma". In 2002 Sati Spivakova published a biography, entitled "Not all" ("Vagrius" Publishing House).