Sergey Georgievsky

Urbanist; Cofounder, the CENTER Group of Companies.
Expert in the field of sustainable development of territories. He has many years of experience in managing business projects and GR, including a number of major investment, research and socio-political programs at the international and federal levels.

He specializes in urban planning, quality of the urban environment, economics of infrastructure projects and competitive practice. He is a member of the jury of major professional awards in the field of urban planning, real estate and architecture, is a member of the expert councils of the committees of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and other organizations for urban planning, territorial planning, the development of single-industry towns, the preservation of cultural heritage, etc. In 2014, together with Ketevan Helaya, he established the Agency for Strategic Development "CENTER", which created a spinoff — the International Urban Laboratory "CENTER Lab" — in 2021. Both organizations form the CENTER Group of Companies in the field of urban consulting and urban planning.