Tao Qian

Director of the International Affairs Office of Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing.
After appointed to be the Deputy Director of the President’s Office in 2006 and the International Affairs Office in 2012, Tao takes in charge of the international music festivals and academic exchange programs, overseas students as well as the exchanges of students and professors between international partner schools. She has been the Director of the International Affairs Office from 2019. In addition to the administrative and organizing work, she is the co-translator of The Cambridge illustrated Guide of Music published by Shangdong Pictorial Publishing House.
Tao Qian graduated from Beijing Language and Culture University in 1997, majoring in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language (B. A.). She began to work as the interpreter and coordinator in the Foreign Affairs Office of Central Conservatory of Music (Beijing) after graduation. Being one of the main coordinators for the international cooperative projects of the conservatory, she worked in the organization committee of many music festivals and coordinated for the international concert tours of the ensembles or orchestras of the conservatory, such as Beijing Musicacoustica (1998 – 2013), The European performing tour of the First China Cello Orchestra (1999, 2001,2003), Orff Week and Symposium on Music Education (2002), Beijing Modern Music Festival (2004 – 2018), The opening concert of Young Euro Classic Summer Music Festival presented by Central Conservatory Symphony Orchestra (2005), World Music Days (2005,2007 – 2018), Music Week to Commemorate the 110th Anniversary of Johannes Brahms’Death (2007), Musicathlon: The Conservatory Music Festival (2008), CCOM International Chamber Music Festival (2008 – 2018), Co-performances of Opera “Eugene Onegin” with Tchaikovsky Conservatory (Beijing, 2009, Moscow, 2010), Central Conservatory of Music Chinese Orchestra’s performing tour in 4 Eastern European Countries (2013), Central Conservatory of Music Opera Center’s performing tour in north America countries (2017) and the Eastern European visiting tour of the delegation of the Music Education Alliance across the “Belt and Road” (2018), etc.
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