Tatiana Boronoeva

Director, National Museum of the Republic of Buryatia.
Tatyana Boronoeva is an Art Historian, Director of the National Museum of Buryatia. The Museum was founded in 2011 by incorporation of four large museums of a multinational republic: the History Museum, the Art Museum, the Nature Museum and the Museum of Decembrists: “We are a territory of cultural and natural heritage. We preserve and open the past for the future”.

Today the Museum is a landmark of the republic. Large-scale events take place with mandatory participation of the institution. International and regional projects dedicated to problems of museum development, their cooperation and partnership with the public, including tourism, have been held. Such landmark events as a Week of Tourism in Siberia, Hospitable Buryatia, or a cultural and educational brand route “Legends of Buryatia” are vivid examples.

At the Forum Tatyana Boronoeva will tell about the unique culture of the Old Believers. Who are they, and why do locals describe them as “Semeiskie”? And why are they so interesting for Russian and international tourists?
11:00 — 13:00