Yulia Shishalova

Editor-in-chief, Russia Project magazine.
For 15 years, she was writing about interiors and design for magazines, Internet and TV (Interior+Design, Architectural Digest, Commersant, Kvartirny Vopros and Dachny Otvet), when in 2013 she switched over to architecture. Since then she worked as the managing editor of the websites of Moscow Council of Architecture and archspeech, currently she is the editor-in-chief of the Russia Project magazine, an architectural journalist and critic.

Graduated from the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of MSU in 2003, when she was already the editor-in-chief of two tabloids.

Acted as a designer and author of a number of specialized publications, including the monograph on glass in architecture This is the Illusory Transparent Beautiful World (2018), a book on the development of Moscow The City is Closer (2018), the monograph on Zaradye Mosow park (2018), a book Russian Architecture. Recent Era (2019). A supervisor of exhibitions (including the co-supervisor of the exhibition Russian Architecture. Recent Era. Events, Faces, Buildings in the Museum of Architecture named after A. V. Shchusev) and of the educational and discussion programs, a member of the award panels and an organizer of architectural competitions.

Holder of prizes: JOY (Journalist of the Year), Proestate Media Awards and Letter A.

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